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  • About the musical idea

    The fifties were one of the most important decades in human history.

    Young people danced, dreamed and loved, enjoying the excitement of Rockabilly, Country and Blues, while the economy flourished, the cold war started and the modern human society had its first contacts with extraterrestrial beings.


    Today, hardly anyone listening to modern artists like Robyn, Led Zeppelin or Miley Cyrus is aware of the fact that some of their favourite songs were written back then. Being deprived of their original meaning, watered-down for commercial purposes and their message distorted, these songs are biding their time as a caricature of the original idea.


    But don’t despair, for redemption is nigh. The Wolverhinos painstakingly research the original versions of recent hits, thus being able to play them as they were meant to be, juicy, crispy, spicy and in a major key.


    Singer Oliver Rheene has assembled an international, high-caliber team, supporting him in this noble task:

    Flown in from Canada is passionate guitarist and singer Shawn Mac Wyre, on upright bass the legendary rockabilly producer Ray Black and seated at the drums no one else but the versatile, yet dead reliable Raw Byrd.

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    Their 2017 debut CD „Love runs out“ on Catty Town Records contains 14 songs, all recorded live at the vintage studio Black Shack Recordings in Calw, Germany.


    It contains quite a variety of vintage styles, from boom-chicka-boom country songs and straight forward rockers to r&b jivers and even some chess-style blues, which makes the CD very interesting for DJs and everyone with a broad taste of american roots music.



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  • The Band

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    Oliver Rheene

    Singer, Acoustic and Electric Guitar

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    Shawn Mac Wyre

    Electric Guitar, Singer

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    Ray Black

    Upright Bass

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    Raw Byrd


  • Sounds

  • Videos

    The Wolverhinos - Rock'n'Roll

    At the Barhopper Festival in Lörrach.

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    The Wolverhinos - Love Runs Out! (2017)

    The Wolverhinos - Love Runs Out! (2017)

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    Order the brand-new album of The Wolverhinos here and get your copy of this fine Catty Town Records Release (CTR 708).
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